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An ongoing series

The domestic space is the most intimate and weighty. The objects in our private spaces bare witness to our daily actions and relationships. In these wall pieces I consider the house plant and planter as an entity that bares witness. I choose to focus on a potted plant so that the implied space and relationships beyond the subject may be felt and imagined. 

With these particular pieces I consider the house plant as a living witness to the most intimate domestic and put forth the historical, medicinal and social functions of each plant species as possible remedies and recommendations for romantic survival.


Beware, [long term relationships] may cause a host of unpleasant symptoms, including intense numbing, oral irritation, excessive drooling, localized swelling and may leave you speechless for days. 

Dumb Palm, Dieffenbachia
Earthenware, paper, pigment, soil

Fairbank, Dumb Palm 1
Fairbank, Dumb Palm, Detail
Fairbank, Dumb Palm 2
Fairbank, Palm 2, Detail
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