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Innocuous tropicals

An Exhibition


There is power in the specific. The source material for these compositions has been continuously accumulated through Florida living.


In Florida plants persist. These are specific species, from particular places. They  are researched passionately and rigorously whether native flora, invasive imports, demanding space, innocuous, plants that make you ill or plants that offer remedy. Rather than translating the specific, the tile is meant to be plant-like, expressive, a reminder that man is not apart from, but a part of nature. These pieces are conduits through which you may feel that exponential growth is possible.

Innocuous Tropicals,-1857
Innocuous Tropicals,-1876
Innocuous Tropicals,-1866
Innocuous Tropicals,-1874
Innocuous Tropicals,-1870
Innocuous Tropicals,-1795
Innocuous Tropicals,-1793
Innocuous Tropicals,-1787
Innocuous Tropicals,-1391
Innocuous Tropicals,-2662
Innocuous Tropicals,-1824
Innocuous Tropicals,-1844
Innocuous Tropicals,-1415
Innocuous Tropicals,-1416
Innocuous Tropicals,-1418
Innocuous Tropicals,-1892
Innocuous Tropicals 2,-1783
Innocuous Tropicals,-1785
Innocuous Tropicals,-1804
Innocuous Tropicals,-1805
Innocuous Tropicals,-1369
Innocuous Tropicals,-1888
Innocuous Tropicals,-2661
Innocuous Tropicals,-1895
Innocuous Tropicals,-1897
Innocuous Tropicals,-2
Innocuous Tropicals,-1904
Innocuous Tropicals,-2-2
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