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Natura Morta: 

A Florida Still Life

An installation 

This project takes inspiration from the long and codified history of still life painting.  Every element is chosen to deliberately comment on a Florida food industry. Every object and material has connected me to a person or place in the industry that produced the product under scrutiny. A viewer can smell soil. grass and citrus, fresh and rotting. The unmistakable presence of life and death permeates each still life.

Fairbank has chosen to investigate Florida citrus in Natura Morta I and cattle ranching in Natura Morta II. Both industries have strong and long routes that have shaped Florida's culture and landscape. Both heavily industrialized commodities have since colonization shaped the American diet.

Matura Morta 1

Natura Morta, For Web-5645
Natura Morta, For Web-5660
Natura Morta, For Web-5642
Natura Morta, For Web-5649

Matura Morta II

Natura Morta, For Web-
Matura Morta-5590
Natura Morta, For Web-2
Matura Morta-8273
Natura Morta, For Web-5608
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