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A Flower Blooms in the DESERT

NCECA Concurrent Exhibitions

More coming soon!

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FAIR-HAUS Workshop

A Community Ceamics Studio

More coming soon!

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The Botanical HisTorical

The Historial Botanical Compendium

More coming soon!

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The Ceramic Literacy Book Club

Monthly readings open to all

More coming soon!

The Lunch Bunch

A Design Collaboration

Charged with solving a current life style problem GV Kelly, Carin Sankus, Daniel Leonardos Augusto de Souza and Bridget Fairbank set out contemplating lunch. Imagine a product that urges restaurants and customers to become more sustainable. The group aims to develop a durable, sleek, easy to clean ceramic solution to restaurant left overs. 

The food Experience/DISH

A Series of Dinners

The DISH event has taken place on three different occasions with new guests, chefs and potters each time. It is an event where hosts invite strangers to dine in the gallery. Handcrafted tableware and home cooked food is the focus. Exhibition goers are offered a new unique experience and the opportunity to connect to each other and reevaluate their notions of food.


A Collaboration with Ann Lindell and The University of Florida Architecture and Fine Arts Library

This experimental library project has been running successfully for eight semesters. It is both an outreach tool and teaching resource


Farm to Table

A Dinning Experience

To appreciate food is to experience food thoughtful hand crafted objects can play a role in enticing eaters to support new local food movements, for health and happiness.


“Farm to Table Dinner Series, where delicious food from our farm and surrounding local farms will be artfully prepared by Gainesville area celebrity chefs, highlighting our wonderful local food culture. Dinners will be held at a family style harvest table surrounded by the beautiful bounty from our gardens. You will enjoy the freshest possible fare and sip on local beers or Organic wines, with a lovely view of the farm fields and the rolling hills beyond.”

Ladybug Blooms' VASES

A Commission

Custom vases for Ladybug Blooms Swallowtail farm’s gorgeous Gainesville flower design. Working to feed a local culture they are now dedicated to local craft. Flowers, food and pottery go hand in hand.


An experience initiative

Mug-O-Month was launched in May 2014 as an initiative to promote Nova Scotian potters by presenting their work in a community-focused space where the use of ceramic mugs is prevalent. Steve-O-Reno's Cafe features a different local potter each month by selling his or her work on the Mug Wall, and by serving drinks in these mugs.

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