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A Collaboration with Ann Lindell and The UF Architecture and Fine Arts Library

What is it?

A collection of mugs at The University of Florida Art and Architecture library for you to check out and use, just like a book but more delicious.

How does it work?
1) Pick a Mug

There are 17 amazing pots to choose from made by artists from the USA and Canada.

2)Use it for a week. 

Pottery is meant to be used. It is my belief that you can only understand the nuances and great breadth of form through use, with you hands and lips. Drink some tea. Have some coffee. Take it around, enjoy it for a whole seven days.


3)Wash it, Return it.

Be courteous to the fabulous librarians clean it up, practice for your roommates and loved ones, scrub it, dry it, put it back in its beautiful laser cut box and return it, just like a book. Maybe get another one!

View participating artists profiles below.

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